Virgo january 2020 monthly astrology horoscope by nadiya shah

I believe that our journey may be pre mapped but our vehicle of choice is up to our own self and our choice of experiences that we may choose to have in this life time. I have five gorgeous children and presently 3 grandchildren.

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Life was never a normal job with normal hours - no, it was juggling being a mum and the building of and running a very busy business. Only to find my calling too strong and thus I have dedicated my path to my work with Spirit.

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I have embraced the technological highway since therefore, have built many years of clients and networks throughout Australia and internationally. My fist opportunity in which to connect with listeners over the air and bring some predictive powers to the fore! I went on to develop many predictive or divination products along with a popular website called Metaphysical World. Although over the years, like the changing of tides, I too chose to bring the business to better identify with myself.

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Therefore Carolyn Clairvoyant was born. I travel a lot with my work.

Virgo January 2018 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

However, I spent the past 3 years developing a stronger online social media base. Share on Reddit. Donna Page. Click the Watch Later icon on the upper left hand side for easy find later. Each video is to provide you with insight as the moon moves through each month of how best to use the influence of the planets for a better life. When the moon is in Aries, take action, in Taurus, slow down, appreciate the things around you, as well as check on your finances, in Gemini, learn something new, communication time, in Cancer, get in touch with your feelings, nurture self and others, in Leo, time to shine and follow your heart, in Virgo, stay healthy and work you can perfect, Libra, relationships, Scorpio, develop your intuitive powers, in Sagittarius, plan travels, learn more, share what you know, in Capricorn, keep moving towards your career goals, in Aquarius, connect with your friends, Pisces, listen to your intuition as you allow for life to guide you in the direction you are meant to move into.

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