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Long post alert!!! I live and breath for my next adventure. So when I planned my trip to Cambodia I was super excited. Well, I experienced premonition every now and then when planning the trip but then I dismissed it to paranoia that I'd gotten from watching YouTube videos about Cambodia in preparation for my journey. Some had said that Cambodia is unsafe and you could easily be mugged but then again, I've watched a lot being said about my country which is not necessarily always true.

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So I went ahead ,got my evisa,booked my flights and accommodation and off I went. I couldn't wait to experience my this adventure and mostly to visit the world wonder that is Angkor Wat! So I arrived at Sihanoukville airport, unboarded the plane just like everyone else and beelined to the immigration counters.

So I went to one of them and handed them my passport and my evisa print out. The immigration officer looks at my passport,my evisa and because I was holding my old passport in my passport case he asked for it too. I gave it to him and told him that it was my old passport and I don't use it anymore.

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He got me out of the queue and asked me to follow him. So I followed him and he asked me to stand somewhere on the side and he handed both my passports and evisa to a senior immigration officer I assumed that he was senior from his different uniform and medallions hanging on his jacket. So the senior guy looks at my passports and evisa hands them back to me and asks me to stand there and wait.


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