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You can also download individual astrology articles from the articles section. The planetary transit will indicate the auspicious and inauspicious results from time to time. Saturn is the only planet to indicate Profession both for male and female natives If the saturn is Retro, then the casuatives of the planets positioned in previous sign from a sign wherein Saturn is Retrograded , should also be incorporated while considering profession If Saturn is Retro in Aries , which is east, its previous sign pisces is north.

Besides this, Cancer and Scorpio are also north signs. Therefore the combination of various planets and their casuatives should be incorporated along with Saturn while delineating the profession. If Saturn is not Retrograded, then the same and similar directional signs to be considere along with the sign where saturn is positioned.

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The character attributed to the rashi as well as the casuatives of the planet situated alongwith the Saturn should also be considered The Seventh House from a rashi where Saturn is positioned is an aspecting sign. The third and eleventh sign from that of the above Seventh sign will become the same directional signs. For example : If Saturn is positioned in cancer which is a North direction, the seventh house to cancer is capricorn, which is a south direction and at the same time, third house there from virgo is of south direction and the eleventh house there from cancer is taurus will also become south direction.

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Therefore third, seventh and eleventh signs are mutually aspecting rashis. Thereby , the planets positioned in virgo, capricorn will become effective on saturn positioned in cancer. The planets positioned in those signs have effective aspect on saturn. The planets positioned in third, seventh and eleventh signs are considerd to be aspecting planets to saturn. The planets positioned along with Saturn or Saturn get exchanged with any other planet to their respective own houses , then the causative of those exchanged planets should also be taken into account while giving predictions.

Tuesday, 18 December Basics of Nadi Astrology. The important thing one has to understand here is that each of the nadis use different techniques for predictions. From birth to death predictions available in this nadi grantha. It depends on nadi ansha,this grantha gives prediction from 12th house,by the trikona of 12th house 4th house gives Garbhavastha prediction.

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It out from Vedic Astrology. It is a story talk with Vashishtha Vishvamitra and Goddess Parvati. It has prediction of life and indicate reason of life. Learning Astrology Indian Vedic Astrology. Create account or Sign in. How Nadi Astrology giving accuracy of life? Arun Sahinta Samwad with Soory deva and his Sarathi Arun,gives Soory kala knowledge,of one year and also makes place changes of Soorya in life. Nadi Ansha In 24 hours 12 Rashi and average time of each rashi is 2 hours. Shodash Vargas Sr. Dhruv Nadi Writer of this nadi grantha is Jaymuni. Kapila Nadi This Nadi depends on palmistry and prediction made by Chakra of life,predictions depends on Parashara regulations.

Bhrugu Nadi It depends on nadi ansha,this grantha gives prediction from 12th house,by the trikona of 12th house 4th house gives Garbhavastha prediction.

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Kakbhujandar Nadi It is story of talk with Vashishtha and Kakabhujandar. Mundane astrology depends on this grantha. Shukra Nadi Prediction through Ashtak varga and each varga depends on eight parts of life. August Nadi Prediction depends on right hand print also makes good knowledge of head lines. Budh Nadi It makes major incidents of life with years of life. Nandi Nadi It is palmistry grantha and has prints of palms. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.