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What was the last aspect of Venus just before or at the time of filing? Is Venus the chart-ruler? Thanks for posting this excellently written and concise guide to using the moon in electional astrology. Today, my partner and I filed a domestic partnership with the county.

I chose today because I wanted to do it while the moon is waxing, and next month Mercury is retro.

Also, I chose Friday because it is a Venus day. But after we got home and I looked at the aspects for today, I noticed, to my dismay, that the last aspect Venus makes tonight is an opposition to Venus! What to do?!? Is there anything we can do to minimize the negative aspect to Venus???

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Choosing a wedding day with electional astrology

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Collecting stories from family historians who are climbing their family trees and planning trips to where their ancestors actually lived! Like this: Like Loading Written by Jude Cowell December 23, at am. Jude Cowell February 18, at pm. Regards, AD Like Like. Azure Dragon April 21, at pm.

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Wedding Astrology - Auspicious wedding dates - Seize the right moment through Electional Astrology

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Jupiter in Taurus is good for money, as long as the temptation to spend impulsively Mars is kept in check. The ego and creative life-force is strong, and that could be quite fun. My fiance Scott is a talented astrologer in his own right. He is also a past life therapist, and he always has a good evolutionary take on the chart.

He likes Pluto in the first house of this chart, pointing out that the karmic issues symbolized by Pluto resolve themselves in the opposite house. So this chart points to our partnership with each other, creating mutual benefit with and for each other, as the key to resolving our issues around identity and self-hood in this lifetime. I used your wedding date guide to pick my wedding date of Anyway, congratualtions on what will surely be a most beautful wedding and an auspicious start to a blessed union.

So happy for you…! I am way behind in the metaphysical news. Congratulations…glad to see your site still up. Janet — thanks! But there must be a misunderstanding — today is September 26, and the wedding is October 6 at 1 pm MDT if you want to make a note of it.

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Thank you Janet, it is always lovely to hear from you! My girlfriend and I recently decided to get married. Wish I had known about this October 6 date. Many positive links to our charts, Moon conjunct my Sun, Jupiter conjunct her Sun. See Jupiter RX, maybe when it comes back again we can marry. Good luck in your marriage. Hi, Im looking for help picking a date, aside from the obvious considerations of it being a Sat or Sun, a good time of year in or , I would also like to consider the astrological and numerology compatibility.

The best date I have found so far is Nov 2 but it would be nice to have the wedding in warmer weather. Any suggestions? Michelle — you can read about my services at www. Congratulations to your wedding! So many interesting things to read and you seem to be really talented so it would be a shame if the blog went under : Looking forward to more reading! Template by Phil Olson. Jump to Content Jump to Extras. Molly's Astrology. Electional Astrology: choosing my wedding date Posted under astrology. Please visit our sponsor!