Libra astrology personality traits

For example, someone who is spontaneous good can also act impulsively bad. So, despite the fact that Libra is striving to develop many positive personality traits, it's that effort that makes Librans vulnerable to the negative. Libra's easy going peaceful nature good make them vulnerable too giving too much of themselves bad. Though not easily swayed by emotions, they are prone to letting others change their thinking and can waver when it comes to keeping a promise bad. While this trait allows Librans to react calmly to highly emotional circumstances and individuals good combined with their peaceful nature good it can also blind them to the harsh realities of life bad.

Librans can lose their cool , separate people, and create conflict bad , often in order to sharpen their skills in diplomacy good. As a result, they may find themselves surrounded by conflict that's often of their own making bad.

The Personality of a Libra, Explained

Librans have a refined sense of beauty good but can get so carried away with outer beauty that they neglect to cultivate their own inner beauty bad. They love the finer things in life good , and this can lead to being extravagant and self-indulgent in pleasing themselves bad. A Libran's natural aversion to conflict good leads them to avoid any sort of outward ugliness or unpleasantness.

But that doesn't mean they don't get angry. It's just that theirs is a more subtle "sugarcoated hostility. It's important for Librans to take a step back and evaluate their lives every so often so they don't lose track of who they really are, what they think, what they really want, and how they are behaving toward others. Often it only takes being aware of the negative potential to curb the bad behavior and focus on developing their positive characteristics. Certainly, being a Sun sign Libra doesn't guarantee the person will act out any of these negative traits, but every Libra has the potential.

However, much depends on the Libran's age, wisdom, and level of self-awareness. There is no such thing as a perfect horoscope sign. All the signs from Aries through Pisces have both positive and negative expressions. It's important to remember that the Sun sign does not reveal who you are, but who you're striving to become. Libras will be developing and perfecting their good qualities over their lifetimes, and mistakes will be made along the way. However, it's through their interactions and intimate bonds with others that they are able to become aware of the negative potential and begin making right choices.

Libra is a complex sign , and a Libran's picture perfect exterior hides many fears. They fear the ugliness in human nature and become anxious when confronted with unfairness, unpleasantness, unequal treatment, and their own selfishness. They're always looking for balance and harmony in the workplace and will go the extra mile just to make it happen. Libras work best when their surroundings are harmonious and beautiful and they don't feel comfortable to work in a cramped office. Libras like money in general, but they're not overawed with it and are usually not attracted to those who are captivated by money.

They're sensible in regard to most things, so when they apply this to their finance they may end up well off. Libra men never lack a solution for a problem or an answer to a question. The Libra man is charming, romantic and very convincing. He usually gets friendship and real love confused and tend to hurt other people in confusion. Due to his indecisiveness, he is often unable to make the first move.

21 Personality Secrets of Libra Zodiac Sign

According to zodiac Libra man is also unable to abide disorganized and messy environments, especially when it comes to his home. He will do everything to create a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere for the social gatherings he enjoys. The Libra man is a patient listener and someone who can be trusted when it comes to sharing secrets. The Libra woman is usually very attractive, charming, feminine and almost impossible not to like. She has a way of charming almost anyone and loves to be in a clean, beautiful and luxurious surrounding. The Libra woman is rarely dependent on others and can't abide living in a surrounding she doesn't find beautiful.

She is capable of taking care of herself and she sees marriage as a partnership. She is sincere, affectionate, caring and unless her scales go out of balance, she makes a perfect partner. The Libra woman likes to debate and uses tactful methods to counter other people's talks without letting them realize. She will always make sure to prevent her partner from making wrong decisions and will always support him when he's on the right track. The Libra is emotional, a patient listener and very good at expressing her feelings.

Libra Traits

With Jupiter in your sign, the first ten months of will be amazing for you, Libra. You can expect to gain balance and harmony both at home and at work as well as strengthening of your relationships with family and friends. You have the wonderful talent of making people around you feel safe, loved, and important, and this beautiful trait will certainly bring you many good things this year.

You also like to please everyone around you, which often leaves you without energy and drained. In January when the planet Saturn moves into the sign of Sagittarius, you may find yourself in a family conflict. However, you shouldn't worry about this too much, because you're a natural diplomat who can easily mediate any situation. By the end of April, when Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Aries, things will eventually calm down and everyone will respect you for sticking to your beliefs and expressing your own opinion.

You are a charming and social person, so in the second half of , you will completely forget what it's like to be alone. October is the perfect time to make extra money and spend them on beautiful things that draw your attention. You prefer excitement in your romantic relationships and you tend to get bored quickly, so often you find yourself disappointed in relationships that don't live up to your high expectations.

On April 10, Mercury is retrograde in the sun sign of Aries, so you might see a problem arise in your personal life. Maybe your partner feels neglected because you're losing interest, so try to be a caring lover and remain attentive to the relationship. If you're looking for that perfect someone, you need to step up your game, especially in the beginning of May.

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This year you can also expect reunions with former lovers and you definitely won't be lonely or bored. No more excuses - in , you will need to start a good workout routine to get into the best possible shape of your life. You will have more energy this year, so why not put it to good use - you will certainly feel beautiful inside and out.

Libra Zodiac Sign - Characteristics & Personality Traits

It's very difficult for you to commit to a program, but try to find something you enjoy and make it a habit at least three times a week - this is the best thing you can do for your health in In May, you will already see some major health improvements and you will feel stronger. The only problem is your sweet tooth - you like to indulge in delicious desserts that contain plenty of calories. Next time you want something sweet, try some healthy desserts that are both tasty and figure-friendly.

When Mercury directs in Aries in the month of May, you can expect some good things professionally. You will finally be rewarded for your hard work and this reward will involve a bonus or an increase in salary. In September, when planet Jupiter moves to Libra, you will experience a major success at work and you can expect money to come your way. Thanks to Jupiter, this year fortune comes naturally to you and all of your hard work will pay off.

Rising Signs: Libra Rising

Just be careful and avoid buying beautiful, luxury things you don't really need. This is a year to focus on yourself and what really makes you happy, Libra. You always strive for balance in all parts of your life, and luckily, offers you many opportunities to balance work and life.

The astrological sign of Libra and its personality

The Sun will enter your sign at the end of September, which means that you need to take some time to focus on your own self-improvement. Although you always put your own needs aside in order to help your family and friends, taking some time for yourself is essential to recharge your batteries. Venus enters your sign at the end of October, making you overly idealistic about relationships and money.

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  • So, if you don't see your relationships and bank account for what they really are, you could end up feeling ripped off both financially and emotionally. For some Libras, will be a year of heightened domestic responsibilities. Perhaps, someone in your family will go through a difficult time and will need your help and support more than usual. When it comes to love and relationships, is the year when you're likely to have more time to spend with your partner. Communication is the key to a successful relationship, so make sure to tell your partner exactly what you need, but listen to their needs as well.

    A Venus-Pluto square can be a potential barrier to romance at the end of March and this could be a frustrating time for you as you struggle to keep the spark in your relationship.

    ♎ Libra sign meaning: What kind of sign is a Libra? ♎

    The planet of love, Venus will move into your sign in early August, which means that you'll approach love and relationships with grace and dignity. A Venus-Mars trine in November will provide a beautiful and balanced atmosphere in which to grow a current or potential romantic relationship. November is also the month when your natural beauty comes out, so if you're a single Libra and looking for a partner, you can expect a lot of dates and compliments during this time. Bad cosmic influence may catch your health off guard this year.

    Although you'll feel full of energy, sometimes you may get a little tired. You should get some rest, exercise regularly, watch your diet and avoid sugar as much as possible. Problems in the urinary tract may show up, so be careful with your diet and have lots of fluids. Overall, if you're physically active and if you maintain a healthy diet you can prevent diseases. This year you'll need to work harder than ever. You'll need to focus more and think creatively if you want to show others that you're an important individual in your group or company.

    The new Moon travels to your sign in October, giving you a period of two weeks to reset your work relationships. Therefore, press the pause button, reflect on some things, and then decide what your next career move will be. Luckily, all your patience and hard work will pay off in the end. Keeping track of your finances will be easier this year. Once you pay for the necessities, feel free to spend some money and buy all the things you've wanted to buy for so long. People born under the sign of Libra are in for a creative, productive and highly rewarding year.

    At the beginning of this year, the planet Jupiter will shine upon your third house of communication, which will result in improved communication and more opportunities for fun weekends and more business opportunities. Also, you will be getting exceptionally well with other fellow Libras, as well as other Air signs: Gemini and Aquarius. This year, you will take initiative to be the architect of your own improvement and by October, you will make an important decision regarding your career.

    Libra, you are ready to take on big projects. In the first quarter of , you may feel challenged by other people. Due to your confidence, however, you will only be getting the best out of the circumstances.